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Parma Tree Services is passionate about tree and shrub maintenance that promotes and preserves the environment. Our licensed arborists understand the complex interactions between plants, humans, and animals and the influence each property has on the community.

That is why Parma Tree Services' organic program employs unique ingredients approved by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) under the same criteria as organic food production. We'll propose materials and a treatment schedule based on your landscape's requirements.

Treatments for Organic Soils

The health of a tree is established literally from the ground up. A healthy soil provides trees and shrubs easy access to the nutrients, air, and water they need. Discolored foliage, weak branches, and stunted development can all result from unhealthy soil. Organic treatments, when properly chosen and applied strategically, will supply root systems with the nutrients they need to generate healthy stems and leaves.

  • Organic Soil Improver. This treatment contains carbon-rich liquid organic matter to restore your soil's organic composition. The benefits are better water-holding capacity, excellent nutrient retention and availability, increased beneficial microbial activity, and improved soil structure.

  • ARBORKELP®. Our organic sea kelp-based biostimulant encourages healthy root growth. It aids in the resistance of trees and shrubs to the destructive effects of heat, cold, disease, and insects.

Prudent Planting and Selection

Parma Tree Service's favorite motto is "Right plant, right place." It is because one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy, attractive, and environmentally responsible landscape is populating it with plants that are well-suited to their location and thus thrive with minimal intervention.

We advocate for native trees and plants. They have inherent resilience to common pests and illnesses in your region, and they support native insects, which in turn serve to feed the birds and wildlife that eat them. When the time comes to add or replace plants on your property, your Parma Tree Service arborist can select native species that will provide the desired features while also thriving in your location and property circumstances.

Organic Fruit Tree Treatments

This sequence of treatments intends to reduce the number of insects and diseases attacking vulnerable fruit trees, resulting in higher-quality fruit. We should highlight that existing organic pathogen management strategies still need to operate at the level of a traditional program. Therefore, the property owner must be ready to tolerate inferior fruit quality.

Treatments for Emergencies

A property in excellent health will gain the most from a wholly organic approach. However, certain trees and shrubs may display indications of substantial stress due to nutritional deficiency, insects, or disease.

Our hybrid technique enables us to immediately address those issues with a "rescue treatment" while being ecologically conscious. Once we have handled the acute issue, an organic program is in place to establish and maintain a healthy environment

Organic Insect Control

Our tree insect management strategy employs low-impact methods and components to reduce pest insect populations while protecting beneficial insects.

  • PredaLure is a new, scientifically-backed natural solution that attracts helpful, pest-fighting insects to your property, reducing the number of destructive pests assaulting your trees and bushes. According to bioresearch, when plants are attacked by damaging insects, they produce compounds that alert surrounding plants. The aroma of the compounds attracts insect predators of harmful insects or mites to the plant. PredaLure mimics these chemical signals, attracting helpful insects to the plant and suppressing enemy pests.

  • Treatment for Mosquitoes and Ticks. We use these natural repellent remedies when mosquito and tick populations exceed threshold tolerances.

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